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Monday, September 10, 2012

get up out your chair

Phew. Lately it's been all about studying and baby proofing.

I have put off printing pictures, blogging, and Pinterest projects. But now that most of the "junk" -- and when I say junk, I mean all of sweet P's outgrown clothes from last winter -- is put into two large bins for a resale. I can finally walk around the house and breathe now that one thing is checked off of the list. Things are now cleaned up, homework is done, I feel like the amounts of loads of laundry have been chopped in half, and I can now make time to at least blog.

I need to save my pictures to my desktop so I can have storage room for more photos. That's why I haven't been on Instagram lately. 

Updates on my babe : 
Paxton is extremely mobile and playful and it's so much fun, yet frightening at the same time. He's bumped his head a few times trying to crawl or climb on furniture. I will videotape him soon and post it so you can see how he's managed to get himself around the room without being on his hands &knees. 

He's taking a liking to solids now. Especially grown up food like mashed green beans, potatoes, and any kind of fruit. There's been a recent change in his diet for two reasons : 
1. My breast milk wasn't providing enough nutrients/calories/fat
2. Teething 

Since Paxton is teething {he now has two small teeth on the bottom} he is in a lot of pain and causes pain to me as well, when I nurse him. So what I've been doing is pumping my milk and feeding it to him through a bottle. He likes formula, as well. So my little man has started the weaning process all on his own. I'm not surprised!

He's talking a lot and it almost sounds like he says 'mama' or 'ma' :}

Other than that, life is still moving, one bowel movement at a time.