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Monday, February 27, 2012


Paxton is getting smarter every minute. 
He moves his head around when I put him in his swing, to see where I'm going.
He likes watching cartoons.
Seriously, I know he's only a month old but he loves staring at the tv.
He's still making noises back at me when I  talk to him.
. . .

He's definitely growing so fast. 
He's heavier when I hold him.
He's having more wet diapers like he's suppose to.


I thought it'd be a good idea to practice tummy time today since we didn't sleep in.
Also because he seems like he could tolerate it now.

It totally looks like he rolled over. But that's him trying to go back to his back.
He was on his tummy a little bit longer this time without crying.


He still would rather sleep with mommy at night, rather than in his crib.
But I don't mind the extra warmth at night ;]

Sunday, February 26, 2012

{ busy body | tired mommy }

Let's get caught up : On Friday I took this picture of Paxton &realized that I like him in YELL0W

. . .

On Saturday : he wore his adorable outfit from Tracy :]
then he pooped real bad and it leaked up his back | he was N0T happy. 
nor was I.
{no more Kroger brand diapers} 

Yesterday was Paxton's very first birthday party for miss Gabriela.
Me and grandma think they look related!! haha

. . . 

& for today :
Paxton OUTGREW one of his sleepers!!! 
& its one of my favorites :{ 
goes to show he is growing fast!!

He's starting to make more noises --- he really wants to start talking.
When he finally does : I'll cry. Bet on it.

He is starting to enjoy his pacifier now.
His favorite kind is the NUK brand.

I love everything about him : I hated my feet until I noticed he has my toes ;]
I even love that double chin when he stretches in the morning!


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Woke up this morning and decided to read another book. 
Paxton really enjoys this one : Opposites 
{from auntie jj}
 He loves all of the colors + the way the pages flip open.

Cuddled with me afterwards : He loves laying on my chest.
. . .
After I changed his diaper; this is what happened :

Homework + Midterm projects were at the top of my to-do list today.
Had to get it done somehow so babyboy laid in my lap, fast asleep.

This last photo is my favorite!!!! 
It was after a feeding, he passed out & I caught him laughing in his sleep! :}

My baby is getting so big!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{ month ONE }

I got to be artsy fartsy today with Pax 
. . .

He turned ONE MONTH tonight at 8:22pm :}
I was so excited to find inspiration from Pinterest and start my monthly tradition :
I made my own number with stencils &fabric squares that were $.97 cents at Wal Mart
Ironed it on with a bonding material to his onesie and ta dah!

I can't wait to do this every month &turn it into a collage at the end of the year.

We also painted his footprint onto a canvas : today was fun! 

But now I have to get serious and do a lot of school work. 
I'm behind! Goodnight 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{be quick to listen - slow to speak - and slow to get angry }

Baby boy is turning ONE MONTH tomorrow!!!!!
I have so many cute ideas in store.

I forgot to mention Sweet P's favorites yesterday :

  • Grunting & Laughing in his sleep 
  • Cooing
  • Story Time with me
  • Grasping my Pinky
His Dislikes :
  • His Bathtub {we`re still doing sponge baths}
  • Tummy Time --- I'm thinking he'll develop those muscles when he's ready to.
He`s been focusing on more objects this week!! 
Play Time consists of moving objects in front of him like his rattles and the mirror on my iPod.

Sidenote :
His next doctors appointment isn't for awhile, but I was thinking about it today. 
He's going to get vaccinations at his next appt. and I don't look forward to that!


My second cousin, Aja, is getting married this year &the wedding is in Vegas.
It will be Paxton's first big trip! He`ll be around 8 months old
. . .
that`s something to look forward to!!!

I got curious about infants + flying so I looked into it. Here's some advice I found :
  • It`s safe for infants to fly when they`re 2-3 months old
  • He needs something to suck on during takeoff and landing {breast feed}
  • For timezone changes, take along a watch set to home time {naps &bedtime routine}
  • I can hold him :}

Mommy's To Do List This Month :
  1.  More Play Time
  2. Narrate Our Days {see if he`ll "communicate" back}

Monday, February 20, 2012

{ you are my sunshine }

Paxton was 4 weeks on Sunday
. . .

He kind of had a bad hair day, this morning.
He's been very fussy lately but I think it's because he is catching a cold.
I`ve been getting A LOT of green boogers out for the past couple of nights.

The weather is BEAUTIFUL today!!!

so we`ve been getting some extra cuddling in, lately.

This was his cute day outfit yesterday. 
He got a new pacifier 
&he seemed to have liked it.

He only takes it from grandma. 
Never me.
. . .

&This photo was taken today.


Saturday, February 18, 2012

{ beYOUtiful }

Man o Man!!! Have we been busy!!
Babyboy got his second session in with Susie's Photography
&the photos turned out SO GREAT 

. . . 

My God it's so beautiful to know
 that I made such a handsome baby 


3 weeks 6 days old, today.

. . .

Babe is starting to fill out in his legs.
His 0-3month clothing is starting to fit him!!
I keep imagining me taking him on walks in the stroller 
or me purchasing one of those bikes with the carseats attached
&going out for rides.

I miss the city {indianapolis} : I want to take him to the park,
the zoo, museums + so much more;
that day will come.

He's still too young to drive that far {3hours} 

I need spring weather to hurry up and get here though.
It's close : It was 39 degrees today :}

Lately, I've noticed his different types of cries.

I can tell when he's hungry.
When he wants his diaper changed.
When he needs to let burps or gas out.
&when he simply just wants to be picked up
 and walked around the house. 
Most of the time he just wants to be talked to 

. . .

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{you`re in my mind. you`re in my heart}

Yesterday was my baby's first Valentine's Day

It was a very long day so I'm combining that with today's post :

Me and the familia went out to dinner to celebrate the holiday. 
Exchanged cards and gifts &soaked up each other's awesomeness.

. . .

I spent the majority of my day cleaning up and doing sweet P`s laundry. 
All of his socks were put into his baby bin,
 so now there`s more drawer space for all of his clothes.

&yes the drawer is organized by age :}

His little diaper butt is fitting into his clothes better ! 

Bedtime is still slowly but surely progressing :

Babe has the sun shining on his face in the a.m. --- I open the shades,
so he can somewhat know it's daytime and that he needs to be awake for me 

Same during the night. I dim the lighting by keeping my nightlight plugged in 
when he wakes up for a feeding in the middle of the night. 

Overall, we`re peachy.

Here`s a quote that I saw yesterday that really touched me; perfect for Valentine`s Day too.

As though Paxton wanted to tell me this, himself ;]

"He doesn't understand anything else about the world, but he knows you're important."


Monday, February 13, 2012

{sweet P : apple of my eye}

Last night was a bad night 
. . .
 Pax was fussy and I had to change his pjs three times
because he spit up a lot!!

Called his pediatrician today &figured out that I need to 
burp im more often.
He gets too much air in his tummy
{explains the excessive spit-ups & hiccups}

He was awfully smiley this morning :}
so we had a fun time taking pix together

. . .

3 weeks + 1 day

This Week :
Paxton`s Favorite Things
  • car rides
  • getting his hair combed
  • listening to music with mama
  • sunshine on his face
  • being talked to {craves attention}
  • kicking
Mommy`s Favorites
  • blogging
  • girl scout cookies
  • iPod touch
  • the smell of mijo 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

2112012 : 100% baby boy

No Sleep Deprivation Here
 {sorta, kinda}

. . . 

So our bedtime routine has been going fine.
Paxton gets his jammies on and fed in time to 
be in bed by 8:3O p.m.

For the past three nights he`s waken up at or around 3:OO a.m.
He ends up sleeping in the bed with me until like 6:3O a.m.

I can't help but worry about the risks of SIDS 
but he's the best cuddle buddy IN THE WORLD!!

Today we finally bought his bathtub and a vaporizer for the living room. 
Maybe he`ll sleep longer 
{fingers crossed}

I had the opportunity to shop for myself today :

  • comfortable nursing bra
  • new undies
  • striped cardigan
  • beautiful feather blouse
new clothes : happy mommy


pucker up --- Gnight :x

Friday, February 10, 2012

2102012 : 2.5 weeks

This is what I get to wake up to :}
I'm really happy Paxton doesn't favor his pacifier,
but I like to give it to him when he wants to comfort suck.

We found a position that he LOVES that makes
feedings a lot more easier on me &him

{no more upset tummies}


Since there was a snow storm today
{although we never left the house}
I felt the need to dress him with extra warmth

. . . 

He wore his big boy vest {size : 3months} that he fits into now.

I hope you guys don't think he sleeps a lot, but this is what happens
after he eats. We call it a "food coma" 
. . . 

Sweet P is eating during the days + almost sleeping through the night ! 

How Lucky Am I ?!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

{birth announcements}

I finally decided on a birth announcement design !

click the link to preview them :

THANK YOU Shutterfly for all of the options; it was so hard to decide.

{can't wait to get these sent out} 

{all the important things happen at home : what happens at grandmas stays at grandmas}

Today we had a visitor come over at 11 : a woman from Healthy Families.
She got our information from the hospital and came over just to talk about resources 
in the area that I could use and they brought Paxton a handmade quilt! 

{S0 lovely}


We meet with Michelle today and I plan on doing some shopping at Kroger

 {sweet P needs more diapers}

Here's babyboy in his outfit for the day : 
What Happens At Grandmas, Stays At Grandmas.

Newborn pants with anything on the butt makes me so happy inside
 : his little tiger tush :}


I was finally able to put on the new drawer knobs on Paxton's dresser, today.

These were only $1 at Michaels and I bought {8}

. . .

Here's the ending result : 

I'm so happy with how it turned out.
 His nursery/my room is so eclectic --- Love L0VE loveee