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Thursday, February 2, 2012

{groundhog day}

I can`t tell if it`s cloudy or sunny outside today . . . if its cloudy --- Spring is coming early!! Sunny means we have winter for 6 more weeks
 {that`s the folklore behind Groundhog Day} 

Personally, I think it`s pointless so im just going to celebrate black history month.

Here`s an interesting fact :

The black population of the United States in 1870 was 4.8 million; in 2007, the number of black residents of the United States, including those of more than one race, was 40.7 million.

I can imagine how much the black population has increased in five years! 


So many of my smiles begin with Paxton --- so I decided to look back on our journey so far . . .

Breastfeeding :
Is getting easier BUT my milk supply has sky rocketed and sweet P gets real overwhelmed and starts crying. It`s a lot more than the colostrum that was first coming out. My breasts are so engorged so I have to feed him like every hour/two hours now.

Simon Says :
Babyboy's vision isn't very clear + he is nearsighted so I like to put his face real close to mine when I talk to him. He can see me when I'm 8 inches away from him.
I caught him mimicking me the other day! 
I stick my tongue out and he copies me : i Love it!

Tummy time :
I realize that sweet P spends M0ST of his time on his back. When he`s feeding, sleeping & sitting in his swing; so my goal is to start giving him some tummy time on his Boppy. 

He`s gotten some chubby cheeks + he can finally wear his newborn clothes!!!
Grandma got him those cute Penguin shoes :]

This is Pax with grandma yesterday <33

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