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Sunday, February 26, 2012

{ busy body | tired mommy }

Let's get caught up : On Friday I took this picture of Paxton &realized that I like him in YELL0W

. . .

On Saturday : he wore his adorable outfit from Tracy :]
then he pooped real bad and it leaked up his back | he was N0T happy. 
nor was I.
{no more Kroger brand diapers} 

Yesterday was Paxton's very first birthday party for miss Gabriela.
Me and grandma think they look related!! haha

. . . 

& for today :
Paxton OUTGREW one of his sleepers!!! 
& its one of my favorites :{ 
goes to show he is growing fast!!

He's starting to make more noises --- he really wants to start talking.
When he finally does : I'll cry. Bet on it.

He is starting to enjoy his pacifier now.
His favorite kind is the NUK brand.

I love everything about him : I hated my feet until I noticed he has my toes ;]
I even love that double chin when he stretches in the morning!


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