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Saturday, February 18, 2012

{ beYOUtiful }

Man o Man!!! Have we been busy!!
Babyboy got his second session in with Susie's Photography
&the photos turned out SO GREAT 

. . . 

My God it's so beautiful to know
 that I made such a handsome baby 


3 weeks 6 days old, today.

. . .

Babe is starting to fill out in his legs.
His 0-3month clothing is starting to fit him!!
I keep imagining me taking him on walks in the stroller 
or me purchasing one of those bikes with the carseats attached
&going out for rides.

I miss the city {indianapolis} : I want to take him to the park,
the zoo, museums + so much more;
that day will come.

He's still too young to drive that far {3hours} 

I need spring weather to hurry up and get here though.
It's close : It was 39 degrees today :}

Lately, I've noticed his different types of cries.

I can tell when he's hungry.
When he wants his diaper changed.
When he needs to let burps or gas out.
&when he simply just wants to be picked up
 and walked around the house. 
Most of the time he just wants to be talked to 

. . .

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