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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

{work hard : stay humble}

Boy oh Boy have I been superrrr busy with school!!!! 
Not to mention, im taking care of a newborn!! :}

I'm on maternity leave from school but I still have two online classes that keep me pretty occupied. I have all A's though, so I need to stay motivated. 

The weather today was beautiful and it had me daydreaming of my playdates with Paxton in the next month. I can't wait to take him everywhere and show him off. 

T0 DO : 

  • Send in money order for sweet P's birth certificate
  • Get pedicures with Jena
  • Set up a second session with Susie's Photography
  • Buy Pax some toys!
  • Purchase an iPod touch . . . {gift to myself} hmmmm
In other news : Paxton recieved his very first letter in the mail, today.

It's baby boy's social security card [yay]
Here's a lovely photo tia sent me of
 Paxton &great grandma Adele 


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