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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

{you`re my favorite work of art}

Mijo is a-ok :]
Dr. Munkel said his wee wee looks normal
&its healing

{i think sweet P just hates when I change his diapers}

... prob cos he`s cold


I haven`t thought of any questions for his doctor 
or seen anything unusual today;

I am noticing him growing and he`s opening his eyes more.
It`s crazy how he knows im his mama & he knows grandma`s voice and smell, too.

I let them bond when I need to get my homework done or when I need to eat, shower, etc. 

It`s grandma`s task to burp him. 
{her shoulders are more comfy}

His uncles have been helpful, too.


Paxton`s number of pee and poopy diapers is good :
he`s sleeping longer hours now 
but he 
2 am feedings + rocking

Here are the first session photos from Susie`s Photograpy :

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