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Sunday, January 15, 2012

{ diy : card book }

I've finally started scrapbooking my ultra sound pictures and maternity photos before baby boy arrives & I needed to find a way to create a keepsake with all of his baby shower cards!! I found inspiration on Pinterest on Something's board { click the link to see her mini-album that she made with wedding cards }

. . . 

This was an easy project for me since I had most of the scrapbooking supplies on hand :
cardstock, fun embellishments, lettered stickers,
adhesive tape, a ring to hold it all together {its pink but it'll do for now}
and thick ribbon.

Here's how it turned out :]

I cut the striped paper in half and attached it to the card stock to dress it up.
Added some sparkle to the front cover with these embellishments and his initials.
Here is the front and back :
Untie the ribbon and ta-dah!
I used orange brackets to attach the ribbon to the cardstock
& added some more sparkle to the back cover.

I then hole punched the corner of each card and attached them to the covers
using the pink ring that I mentioned earlier . . .

What an adorable way to cherish all the memories
& love we recieved from
friends and family :)
Now it's a keepsake that I can always look at and share with Paxton -- Xo.

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  1. love your blog, dear <3