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Thursday, January 12, 2012

{ 38 weeks : 14 more days }

This week has been a waiting game for me. I am so ready and so anxious for babyboy's arrival that I can't sleep. I'm constantly cleaning the house and cooking and getting things ready because of my "nesting instincts" -- its an uncontrollable urge that I have. I'm tying up loose ends around the house and organizing. Both of our bags are packed and ready for the hospital. I've folded his clothes in order of size. I've hung all of his newborn outfits. I've stocked up on wipes and diapers and his car seat is getting fitted in the car tomorrow. I used to be very fatigue and tired all of the time but now I've got this burst of energy and everyone in the house doesn't seem to mind it :]

I've been super busy turning in assignments early for my four classes and preparing my schedule so I don't go crazy when he's born. I've made sure to take naps every day cause that opportunity won't be here once my little man arrives. 
My weekly check up was this morning and everything looks great. He's facing head first which is awesome and a sign that I may go into labor any day now!!! No nausea, swelling or headaches. He's active and has a healthy heartbeat.

I'm terrified for two things : a LONG labor. Not a painful one. I know it's going to hurt but labor pain is good pain. I watched a video on Tuesday at my prenatal class of the beginning of this woman's water breaking to her coping with her labor pains {so inspiring} and once that baby was put on her chest I lost it and started crying. So I'm really scared that my birth plan to deliver naturally will change and that i'll have a long labor but I need to take one contraction at a time and not freak myself out.

I'm also scared about breastfeeding. I'm giving it a try and my goal is to feed him until he's 12 months to 18 months. Having a busy schedule with a newborn and full time classes will get discouraging but I will push myself every day.

. . .

All in all. We're wonderful!! Here's my growing baby :]


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    1. Haha I think grandma got into my blog account while I was still logged in. Thanks mom :)

  2. I am glad things are going well for you so far. Wishing you a safe and smooth delivery.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Have a great day!


    1. thank you jessie! thanks for visiting :)