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Thursday, January 5, 2012

{ full term : 37 weeks }

Paxton is full term!! This means that if I go into labor his lungs will likely be mature enough to fully adjust to the outside world. We`d both be a-okay :] 

I've taken it all in these past few days on how much I've accomplished. I feel so blessed! My mom has been my life coach through this entire pregnancy. She taught me well. I can't get discouraged because I never want to let her down. I've kept up with my health thanks to WIC and eating nutritional meals and taking my vitamins. I've kept myself hydrated and put cocoa butter on my stummy everyday. {not one stretch mark} Everything I've done is for my babyboy.

I've been blessed with such an amazing support system. My number one fan being his grandma or {dnana} My best friend Jessica never leaving my side. Friends, like Whitney and Jena, who have littles are always giving me great advice. My family of course, and my four siblings who are going to make great uncles. I will never stop counting my blessings <3

I know a lot of women with experience who tell me that the time flies by. So one of my resolutions is to take ONE PHOTO a day when he's born. Knowing me i'll take tons more than that but the point is : I never want to miss a moment with him. So if you follow this blog, we can watch him grow together :]

I've made myself so proud in these past 8 months. I've become completely sober and healthy and not only am I benefiting my baby but also myself. I've taken advantage of the resources that are out there so Paxton can have a crib to sleep in and a car seat to come home in. My friends and family have given me new and used clothes and other things I need and I really appreciate all of it!!! 

In my opinion, this is going to be so hard. I know it's not going to be easy. I can't imagine all the obstacles I'm about to endure. All on my own. I was hoping for a little girl. But I am so damn happy that I will have a boy that is going to love me to pieces. I can't wait to share my every days with him. I know deep down, he's going to teach me a lot about life. 

Wow. Soooo crazy that I'm making a human being in my tummy!! Haha

So here's a little update :

-- Sleeping is more like tossing and turning. I'm extremely uncomfortable but its because he's getting so big.
I've been having these intense dreams but its because the anxiety and thoughts of labor are fueling it. Thoughts of me becoming a parent are always on my mind. I've been trying to take it easy during the day . . . 
-- I've been having contractions every so often. back pains and groin pains. nothing unusual . . .
-- My group b strep test came back today from my last appt. and it was negative. so no antibiotics for me :] 

Everything looks great and we're doing well!!

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