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Thursday, January 19, 2012

{one week left : 39 weeks}

I had my appointment today with Dr. Karey Hogue and was able to get checked to see if I'm close or not!! She felt Paxton's head and said I am ONE CM. and 30-40 percent thinned out :)) So I feel like we are on schedule! Even with this information she can't tell me WHEN baby is coming. its impossible. I just need to do a lot of walking and let gravity work its magic.

My due date is next Thursday and if I go past it, I'll have to get a sonogram done to see if its safe to continue on waiting; most likely I'll be induced. But only if im a week or two weeks overdue. 

I'm still having trouble sleeping mostly because he is always on my mind and im uncomfortable shifting his weight around. He's been doing a lot of somersaults in my tummy at night. I've found myself taking more naps during the day. 

My goal this week is to buy nursing bras!! I've got everything packed and ready to go but I keep forgetting to buy them!! 

Hopefully this weather isn't too bad and God is on my side when I do have to travel to the hospital. Stay safe and God Bless -- Xo.

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