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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{ weather Wednes. : insp. for Christmas decor }

I woke up this morning & found out my 15yo brother had a 2 hour delay at school -- This news got me excited in hoping there was snow covering the ground. But the reason for the delay was because of the {fog} . . . so my weather Wednesday post will be about "the reason for the season" 

which is {s n o w} of course!
1. eye poetry photography -- etsy 2. meadowbrook farm

Although I am dreaming of a W H I T E . C H R I S T M A S . . .
my attention has been caught by S H I N Y Bold b r i g h t & N E O N accents.


1. poppytalk 2. holiday printables jacks master blog : flickr

Another theme I fell in love with was
a very rustic V I N T A G E mod feel 


1. design sponge 2. I adore the felt tree topper by design sponge 3. vintage tags crafty pagan

Happy holidays to everyone!! I hope I've gifted you somehow with my blog posts {xo}

{ fun find : Blik }

Have you ever wanted unique wall decals ? 
Found a great site with awesome wall stickers like this one :

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{ no matter the distance . . . }

My bestest friend Bridgett and her mom, Paula, drove 256 miles to come and see me today!!!!!!!!
It's great to have real friendships with someone who you don't see as much as you wish you could.

We did our favorite hobby first : {thrifting} and I found this cute crocheted one-piece for sweet p!

We had dinner at Barnaby's pizza in Mishawaka -- me and my mom's favorite.
Shopped at Gordman's and I got a new candle holder :

Headed over to Heritage Square next to shop at Charming Charlies for the first time.
We wanted everything in that store!!!

Ended our evening with frozen yogurt at Urban Swirl
[which had about 30 different toppings for your ice cream]
then we said our G O O D B Y E S

they not only got Paxton a lot of stuff
but me and my mom too!!

& Paula brought me home-made buckeyes, fudge & chocolate covered pretzels

LOVE the BOTH of THEM to PIECES {xo}

Monday, December 19, 2011

{mama mondays : cheri}

Every Monday of the week I'm making a post dedicated to "super moms"

This week's pick is Cheri from I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar

She's a super mom and an inspiration to a lot of women out there. She loves spending time with her beautiful family. Aren't her two boys adorable!? I follow her blog and her posts on pinterest and I've decided to make her mama of the week.

I found this easy, diy, and educational idea that she came up with!! An ABC book with your own photos.  This post was from March of last year but I fell in love with the clever idea. Click HERE to read more about this awesome project :)

{ insp. for sweet p's nursery }


1. rily cran 2. simply grove 3. etsy 4. houzz

With bits and pieces of characters from Dr. Seuss books :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

34 w e e k s + 3 days

Now that I have reached 34 weeks and I'm in my 8th month of my pregnancy, reality is really kicking in. Paxton moves around constantly and I think he's trying to get in the birthing position!! I had Braxton Hicks contractions last night for about half an hour. I pray that he waits until 40 weeks to make his appearance.

On another note: His baby crib is put together. I have to go shopping for the bedding. & slowly I am decorating the walls :)


{maternity pix: holliday park}

All of my shots were done by Shelby Butcher Photography -- check out her {facebook page}