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Friday, April 5, 2013

molding p into an {adventure seeker}

Like his mama, Paxton has a strong love for the outdoors. As a little girl, I was always outside with my four brothers; playing ball, tumbling in the grass, blowing bubbles, swimming, and running around. It's the sweetest thing to see Pax enjoy those same things I did as a child, but I want his adventures to be bigger. As a parent, you want the best for your child. Not only do I want the best but I want the most in anything we do. Our time together is precious so I want our adventures to be full of fun and laughter.
Last week we spent our day with Brittany and her son Khaliel. Khaliel just turned two in February so him and p are only a year apart. We had a crafter-noon and made Easter art work then explored with our boys outside. Brittany's neighbors own a landscape property so their entire backyard is an oasis of rocky paths, tall trees, a pond, and lots of nature to see. Our little boys had a fun time throwing rocks and walking around. Paxton does what I call "point & ask" -- when he points his little finger at something and says "yeaaaahh" and I tell him what it is. His vocabulary is improving because he likes to mock and repeat everything I say.

Here are more photos of our days since the weather has felt more like spring around here, rather than snow and low temps
. . .
He went up to the tunnels with me at Burger King and wasn't afraid at all.
Short video of p going down the slide by himself for the first time


We went to Walker Park yesterday and had a pizza picnic. He played on the swings and the slide and walked around in the grass. He ate pizza and buffalo wings, played with his toys on the quilts then napped with me for a few minutes.
It was a perfect day.