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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Paxton is 2 months old today!! 

He can now sit up longer than before. But not all the way on his own yet. 
He's getting chubby and I love it! Haha 
We had to adjust the car seat straps because he's getting longer. 
He's talking a lot. 
And his diapers are heavier!!

The swelling in his eyes went down, thank goodness.

In other news :

his nursery is finally done. 
He now has a changing table so no more dirty diaper changes on my bed.

Last thing to do is personalize it and add photos on the walls :)

Monday, March 12, 2012


There are pros and cons to online classes.
A. I get to stay at home all day with my son
B. It's very time consuming so I stay up late finishing assignments when the babe is asleep

Now that I'm finished, I can blog. &then I'll be able to hold him and sniff his baby goodness while I doze off into a deep sleep. 

Twice a week : Mondays & Wednesdays  
Paxton sleeps in the bed with me.
Only because I stay up real late finishing school work and I can't keep my hands off of him.
He sleeps right next to me while I get stuff done on the laptop.
It's easier to nurse him and change him + I don't see nothing wrong with it.

{haha he just farted in his sleep}


Sunday, March 11, 2012

{spring has sprung}

The weather today was the perfect amount of spring. 
Low winds and sunny skies. 

I took Paxton out for a long walk in his stroller for the first time
and he really enjoyed the sunshine on his face.

He ended up falling asleep ;}

He is starting to like baths more.
Grandma taught me how to gently get the wax out of his ears
&the cradle cap out of his scalp.

{this was taken before his bath}

He watched Despicable Me with me tonight 
while I baked some yummy chocolate chip walnut cookies.

I have a quiz and a few assignments to start on tonight. 
Classes start back up tomorrow. 

I`ll get back into the routine of daily posts 
since spring break is over.

It was such a lovely break : so sad its over.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

{way overdue}

Is there anything I can't do without my baby?
Yes. Blog. 

My apologies.
No time for blogging anymore. 
Unless it's noon or 4pm ish but that's when I want to shower or clean up around the house. 
Or "escape" to the black hole aka TARGET  . . .

Let me skim through my thoughts on whats been happening in the past week or so :

I had my 6 week post pregnancy
 check up and things look fine. 

I scheduled to get an ultra sound done to see if 
the cyst that I've had since 2009 is still on my right ovary.
If it is, and it's still 5.3 cm. then I will probably get surgery soon


Paxton is NOW starting to wear shoes that lace up. 
Grandma bought him a pair of Converse the other day. 
This past week was my spring break 
so I've finally had the time to decorate our room --- I`ll have pictures up soonsies.

Babe is growing so fast. 
He eats like every 20 minutes now instead of every 2 hours. 
We had to adjust the straps in his car seat 
and it seems like his feet are hanging off the edge!!

He loves this beautiful sunny weather
 despite the high speed winds : He loves his carrier :}

I love his tiger hat. But I love it more when he smiles at the camera. 
Baby boy is photogenic!

I've gotta get back into reality because school starts back up on Monday
&we have church in the a.m.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

{lifes loves}

It's been kind of difficult posting on his blog every day when midterms have been this week, doctor appointments + we've been planning my grandma's big retirement party for this weekend.

The mass and dinner was tonight at Notre Dame's Moreau Seminary. She's been a chef at Notre Dame for 30 years!! Everyone she's worked with and family all gathered together tonight to honor her and her hard work. We ate some delicious prime rib and of course the familia got to pass Paxton around :}

My favorite great aunties were in town from Arizona and my great uncles. It was a great night and I can't wait to keep celebrating this weekend.

Here's what Sweet P wore to the special occasion :


The past couple of days have been filled with a lot of Spring cleaning 
+ projects around the house. 
Already! Paxton can't fit into NEWBORN tops 
and he can BARELY fit into NEWBORN diapers!! {crazy}

As you can see my little man is getting hunky ;]
{look at those cute thighs}

. . . 

  • He's nursing still and it's going very well
  • He did tummy time today on a yoga ball and spent more time on his tummy than usual!
  • He's still making noises like he wants to talk. I want to squeeze him so tight every time he makes a peep!!
  • His pacifier is a lifesaver for car rides.
  • He loves his carrier + walks outside.
  • His eyes are already looking better!!

I cannot believe it's March 1st. 
Time is going by pretty quickly.

Since it's starting to look a lot like Spring outside
[hopefully tomorrow the weather is up to par]
I want to take sweet P to this thrift shop.
I put a bid in for this awesome globe that lights up for the room& won!
So we've gotta go pick that up tomorrow; 
wash his clothes and put his new crib bedding together :)

Goodnight {xo}