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Sunday, March 11, 2012

{spring has sprung}

The weather today was the perfect amount of spring. 
Low winds and sunny skies. 

I took Paxton out for a long walk in his stroller for the first time
and he really enjoyed the sunshine on his face.

He ended up falling asleep ;}

He is starting to like baths more.
Grandma taught me how to gently get the wax out of his ears
&the cradle cap out of his scalp.

{this was taken before his bath}

He watched Despicable Me with me tonight 
while I baked some yummy chocolate chip walnut cookies.

I have a quiz and a few assignments to start on tonight. 
Classes start back up tomorrow. 

I`ll get back into the routine of daily posts 
since spring break is over.

It was such a lovely break : so sad its over.


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