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Monday, February 13, 2012

{sweet P : apple of my eye}

Last night was a bad night 
. . .
 Pax was fussy and I had to change his pjs three times
because he spit up a lot!!

Called his pediatrician today &figured out that I need to 
burp im more often.
He gets too much air in his tummy
{explains the excessive spit-ups & hiccups}

He was awfully smiley this morning :}
so we had a fun time taking pix together

. . .

3 weeks + 1 day

This Week :
Paxton`s Favorite Things
  • car rides
  • getting his hair combed
  • listening to music with mama
  • sunshine on his face
  • being talked to {craves attention}
  • kicking
Mommy`s Favorites
  • blogging
  • girl scout cookies
  • iPod touch
  • the smell of mijo 

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