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Monday, February 27, 2012


Paxton is getting smarter every minute. 
He moves his head around when I put him in his swing, to see where I'm going.
He likes watching cartoons.
Seriously, I know he's only a month old but he loves staring at the tv.
He's still making noises back at me when I  talk to him.
. . .

He's definitely growing so fast. 
He's heavier when I hold him.
He's having more wet diapers like he's suppose to.


I thought it'd be a good idea to practice tummy time today since we didn't sleep in.
Also because he seems like he could tolerate it now.

It totally looks like he rolled over. But that's him trying to go back to his back.
He was on his tummy a little bit longer this time without crying.


He still would rather sleep with mommy at night, rather than in his crib.
But I don't mind the extra warmth at night ;]

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