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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

{be quick to listen - slow to speak - and slow to get angry }

Baby boy is turning ONE MONTH tomorrow!!!!!
I have so many cute ideas in store.

I forgot to mention Sweet P's favorites yesterday :

  • Grunting & Laughing in his sleep 
  • Cooing
  • Story Time with me
  • Grasping my Pinky
His Dislikes :
  • His Bathtub {we`re still doing sponge baths}
  • Tummy Time --- I'm thinking he'll develop those muscles when he's ready to.
He`s been focusing on more objects this week!! 
Play Time consists of moving objects in front of him like his rattles and the mirror on my iPod.

Sidenote :
His next doctors appointment isn't for awhile, but I was thinking about it today. 
He's going to get vaccinations at his next appt. and I don't look forward to that!


My second cousin, Aja, is getting married this year &the wedding is in Vegas.
It will be Paxton's first big trip! He`ll be around 8 months old
. . .
that`s something to look forward to!!!

I got curious about infants + flying so I looked into it. Here's some advice I found :
  • It`s safe for infants to fly when they`re 2-3 months old
  • He needs something to suck on during takeoff and landing {breast feed}
  • For timezone changes, take along a watch set to home time {naps &bedtime routine}
  • I can hold him :}

Mommy's To Do List This Month :
  1.  More Play Time
  2. Narrate Our Days {see if he`ll "communicate" back}

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