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Monday, February 6, 2012

{im just ducky}

Parenting is becoming a lot more fun + easier :
but also VERY HARD.

Fun & Easier because . . . 

We`re on a sleeping routine :
Around 7:30pm
I bathe him;
Put on his jammies;
then I feed him.

Sweet P snuggles w. mommy until he falls into a deep sleep . . .
He never fusses when I take him + put him in the crib :}

Very hard because . . .

I go back to school today :

I have classes from 1 to 5:15 on mondays & wednesdays;
that`s five hours away from mijo.

I had to learn how to pump my milk;
I'm going to be late for my first class every week `cos 
grandma gets home at 1pm

it`s going to be chaos making sure he`s fed before I leave;
making sure my homework is done;
making sure grandma has everything in arms reach.


Who would want to leave this sweet face?

I`m still learning to :

Pack an extra pair of clothes for Paxton when we leave the house;
Put a bib on babe so he doesn't get
 his clothes or my clothes all messy;
Try to use the baby wipes sparingly when I change him;
and Don`t forget the hats or socks;
&extras too.


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