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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

{no words as powerful as your touch}

Today Paxton had another appointment with Dr. Laura Munkel . . .
I got his growth chart :

At 5 DAYS he weighed 6.6 lbs
At 8 DAYS he weighed 6.1-6.2lbs
Today he weighs 7.8lbs He`s 20.7 inches long + His head circumference is 13.5 inches

He's making eye contact fine.
He stares at our faces like he`s `spose to.
& his pee and poopy diaper counts look good.

Nursing him is still going well;
although I feel like one boob is bigger than the other
becos he favors one side over the other . . .

This is him in his pjs when he first woke up this a.m.


Then we dressed him with his gift from Uncle Ray & Auntie Kadiah :}
Before my pregnancy I was obsessed with Owls now i L0VE ELEPHANTS!!

What really melts my heart is when he hears my voice, 
or he sees my face -- and says "ahh" 

He loves to be held, caressed, kissed, massaged, stroked and carried

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