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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One already?!

A year ago I would have never pictured my life the way it is now. Paxton Valentino Howell, born on this day at 8:22 pm

I may be biased, but he's pretty perfect.

Lately, he's been full of kisses and laughter. He's taught me that you can get around much faster on all fours. 
He loves to read and draw. 
He loves GiGi's cane {great grandma's} and it helps him walk.
He's a great napper and loves to play with anything that has wheels.
Playing with all of his uncles is probably his most favorite.

One of his friends Karsyn, 
has taught him the simplicity in anything. 
She can take something so simple, and turn it into a game. 
& he adores her.

He admires his older friend, Taylen, for the sake of his mobility and the ability to run around. He loves to watch him run and climb and they give each other hugs and kisses.

They both make my boy laugh so hard and it melts my heart.
I love bringing him around other kiddos so that he can socialize more.


His vocabulary is still short.  
Clear words that he can say are ba-ba for bottle 
and mum // mama for mom.
that's about it.

He repeats what we do and say all the time!
 I obviously will be a pro at understanding his baby talk by the time he's 18 mo. old


 One thing that I have noticed is he tends to be rough when he plays with Jaxson or younger littles. Or kids that are around his size.
I've been looking into ways to encourage kindness. 
I need to teach him to be nice before the day care days come.
I know it will happen, one good deed at a time. 
 Other things P loves :
music. all kinds. from the television, my car, anywhere. my boy will bust a move.
going "bye bye" or playing outside.
Little Einsteins & Jake and the Neverland Pirates
pasta & carrots
spinning // dancing w mama
reading "Making Friends"
anything that lights up
playing at the park on the slide & swings

Today was Tuesday so that meant P was going to spend his birthday
 with Taylen & Jaxson for a few hours

Then I baked P a cake and we sang for him. 
We're not opening presents until his party this Saturday;
but we had a blast smashing his cake and I took lots of photos!


It's been an incredible journey. 
Paxton has reached so many milestones with my love and care
and help from grandma and my siblings, and other caregivers.
I'm so proud of him!
Now that he's ONE; ive been reflecting on times like:
  • when i first found out i was preggo
  • the first flutter i felt in my tummy when i was at a music show in muncie
  • my first labor pains
  • even the car ride home from the hospital 
  • the first few nights when he was home w me
  • & all of the diapers .. potty training is going to save a lot of dollars 

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