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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

work like a captain; play like a pirate.

P went into the doctors for his one year well check; so he got two blood tests done & three shots in his legs. It was a nightmare. He has a small ear infection, but he's still smiling. I let him play with my eye glasses to cheer him up :]

he's such a stud.

I threw babyboy a pirate themed first birthday party this past Saturday.
All the crafting that went into it was so worth it and all of my ideas turned out great.

I cut a number one into a piece of foam board and then glued coffee filters with a hot glue gun to the foam board. I spray painted in an ombre effect so the bottom was the darkest shade and the top was almost white.

Ever since I was a kid, me and my brothers had a pinata at our birthday parties.
It felt good passing down a family tradition for Paxton
Here's his pirate ship pinata

Obviously it was a costume party :]

I really rushed decorating his cake. 
It was a chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and coconut on top. I made the banner cake topper myself and put brown sugar around the cake plate so it looked like sand.

it was a crazy experience for my first time.
the most difficult part was doing all of it on my own;
the hosting, cleaning up, restocking, being the dj, and photographer.
i wasn't able to snap photos of the food, but we had fried parrot {chicken wings}, blue jello cups with swedish fish and slices of oranges with a pirate flag {they looked like ships}, a hot chocolate bar, goldfish crackers & pretzels, pizza rolls, and a veggie platter.
towards the end of the party, all of the kids were crabby and ready for a nap
but in the end, they all had a blast and so did p and I!

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