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Thursday, January 31, 2013

p's first dentist visit

the real reason the dentists have a lot of money is because they have all of their patient's teeth under their pillows. 
that's what I will tell Paxton some day so he understands the importance of taking care of his teeth. and the tooth fairy.

he did so well for his first dentist visit! he opened his mouth when i asked him to 
{and its totally becos I yell 'AHH' at him, when I feed him} 
he let the dental assistant brush his SIX teeth and his gums and everything look good :)

Before his appointment, we had a lot of paper work to fill out 
so baby boy played on the indoor playground and had a BLAST !!

So he made a few new friends. 
This little girl helped him climb up and then he started to climb all on his own.

He had so much fun watching them run around, he was squealing!
I had to help him down the slide the first couple times,
but he got the hang of it.

He's a quick learner and I love giving him the opportunity to try new things!

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  1. It’s great that P started to visit the dentist at a very young age. This will not only help him to prevent dental problems such as tooth decay, but helps his parents learn how to assist or guide him in keeping a good oral hygiene. Anyway, first visit is a success. He did not only gain clean and healthy teeth, but also newfound friends.

    Patricia @ Smile By Design (Mississauga, ON)