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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

all aboard the healthy train!

Paxton is 12 weeks old | he got his 2 month shots today
{although he'll be 3 months this Sunday}
. . .
boy did he hate it!!!

He got oral medication called Rotavirus Vaccine to prevent diarrhea. 
I guess its common for infants to get dehydrated and get diarrhea

He got 3 shots in his leg
&thats when shit got real.

He got his hepatitis b when he was born and I wasn't really around to witness it. 
So today I was nervous for him, 
seeing them stick him THREE TIMES in both legs made me so mad!!

The nurse literally did it in 5 seconds and I thought he was getting stabbed :(

He received a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, his second hepatitis b shot, and the big one that covers his dtap, tetanus and pertussis vaccines.

Babe has excema on his back and small patches of it on his arms &legs. 
So we have to get some Eucerin cream for his dry skin.

Other than that :

Paxton is 13 whole pounds!!! 
and he's 23.8 inches tall

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