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Sunday, April 22, 2012

{three} months today!

Paxton is three months today!!!! 
. . .

He's still healthy and got all of his shots on the 17th. 
My boy is tolerating tummy time now so he's starting to look around the room more. 
Which is great, cause the more he strengthens his neck, 
he'll be sitting up soon!

He still likes to chat a lot and smack those fingers. He's learning how to use his tongue, lips and palate. I like to imitate his noises and coos and I sound ridiculous but he talks back to me. & its the cutest thing ever!!

He's been chewing his little piggies. Only his hands. Not his feet yet! But he explores everything with his mouth. Babies tend to chew on everything!! So I put a little hand sanitizer on his hands here and there since I'm a worry wart about germs. 
Not only does he like gumming on his hands but he also likes to use them and grab things. He grips his blankie while he's napping and he plays with my shirt while I nurse him. 

He still smiles a lot but it's starting to seem like he smiles more with a purpose now :) He knows we love him and I find that so satisfying :))

Here's a comparison from the first and second months : 

I see a difference in his face and the length of his body :} 
He's getting so big so fast!!! 

Next thing to do is finish homework and get his footprint done


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