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Sunday, April 1, 2012

{talk that talk}

Tugging at the ears.
Massive amount of slobber &bubbles.

Let the TEETHING drama begin.

He`s growing too fast for me!!!!

So big.
He likes baths now :}

. . .

We got his 2 month pictures taken at Meijer so we could send out wallets to family for Easter.
Everyone was here yesterday for my cousin Shawn's baby shower.
He's having a boy :) 

So my dad and Paxton's great gma Thelma were here from Indianapolis.
His great aunt Latanza and her family drove in from South Carolina!!

So Pax got to see more family than we usually get to see!!!
+ I didn't have to
pay for a book of stamps to send out his pictures ;]

He looks older than 2 months here.
Such a stud muffin.

We've been getting our weekly visits still from Tanya.
So we're keeping track of his development &he
scored high for his age.

He still dislikes tummy time on the floor or the ball.
But he likes it on my tummy so no worries there.

He finally gripped his rattle the other day!

So now he's grabbing my clothes and pulling my hair a lot more!! lol

Since the weather has been nice,
he hates when i put clothes on him.
Still LOVES to be nakey

He "talks" a lot. 
Hums and coos and even yells. 

He's still going through a MAJOR growth spurt
so I find myself nursing him, what seems like, every hour.

I love his chunky thighs and cheeks 
and when he smiles and laughs back at me.

I can't wait for his personality to really show, 
but I can wait ;]

Love my boy!

His next doctor visit is mid April
he gets his shots
& i wanna schedule to see if he has any allergies!
{you've been updated}
hugs + kisses

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